Clientele Perception

On a recent Friday night, my wife and I stopped to have dinner at a friend’s place. This is often tricky, as way too often the owner feels compelled to do something special for you. And for the record, an owner should never treat friends differently than their customers. But, who better than a restaurant…
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Reason of Concern for New Food Service Operation

First of all, many of the reported failings of restaurant’s numbers are misleading. But, that aspect will be handled under another special blog on its own. But, it’s my job to listen to you and help fix your problems What I see almost always, first and foremost. Is a lack of concept; are you full…
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Welcome to “Restaurant Consultants” Exciting New Website

We trust you'll like our new website, as it is way ahead of any other firm trying to imitate what we do. We are the industry's premier Restaurant Consultants. If you have a problem that is "eating" your profits, driving customers away, damaging you patronage, creating chaos in the kitchen, or whatever problem you are…
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