Marketing and Sales

marketingMany of the clients we have worked with, invariably mix up selling and marketing, which incidentally is prevalent among many other business owners as well. But, marketing always starts way before we sell anything…and in a sense is not just a precursor, but the essence of any food operation. Sales is therefore an embodiment of marketing.

To market effectively requires not only time and effort, as well as the necessary funds to support this activity, but a carefully honed strategy, which encompasses all aspects of the marketing process that drives the business.

Restaurant Consultants have the knowledge, experience, expertise and vision to develop streamlined marketing strategies for all types of food operations, from Hot Dog Carts to Five Star Restaurants in order to effectively position a clients business and set them apart from their peers.

Marketing strategies must always start with a vision, which then has to be translated into a coherent mission, then subsequently into solid goals and objectives. None of these tasks are easy and engaging professionals like Restaurant Consultants can be a life-saver to put a business owner on the winning track.

Services we Deliver

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Food Pricing Theory and Practice
  • Advertising and Promotion Development
  • Social Media
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Public Relations