Operations and Finances

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Running a restaurant is far from easy. Think of the variables which any restaurant or food operation has to accommodate, from the back to the front of house, you are constantly dealing with people. Unlike a continuous factory line, where high degree of automation exists, such as automobile manufacturing, a restaurant is a complex interaction between numerous individuals performing tasks which cannot always be measured simply. Whether in the kitchen or in the dining room, task timing is often erratic and errors can inadvertently creep in, which ultimately results in a dissatisfied customer or an angry staff worker.

Restaurant Consultants know a lot about human psychology and what it takes to maintain harmonious staff relationships, reduce or even eliminate unnecessary interactions, and most of all exactly what to do when encountering a dissatisfied customer. Since a dissatisfied customer is the death knell of any establishment, especially these days with the prevalence of Social Media, that can be harnessed by a dissatisfied customer to communicate the customers dissatisfaction simply by tweeting to the world.

Not only does Restaurant Consultants train staff in all aspects of their job, but can impart skills and teaching to deal with awkward customers of difficult staff interactions before they erupt into a full blown skirmish behind the scenes that spills over into the dinning room and affects customer attitudes and perceptions of the establishment.

Financial management is also key but burdensome task to many restaurant owners. But, if a system is in place to capture sales and reflect expenses, it should be possible to maintain profitability, reduce waste and fund continuous improvement by training staff, updating the restaurant, and staying ahead of competition to name a few.


Operation and Finance Services Delivered

  • Staff Training and Education
  • Management Training
  • Team Building Training
  • Point of Sale Management/Merchant Accounts
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Licensing and Local Authority Compliance