Planning and Design

post-img17As with any endeavor, planning is an essential activity if we are to realize our objectives. Whether we are building a structure or building a business, proper careful planning enables the planner, in our case the restauranteur, to identify all the essential elements necessary to meet the requirements for satisfying the customer, maintaining harmony of the staff, establishing good sound relationships with suppliers and remaining solvent in the process. Restaurant Consultants is keenly aware of the advantages of detailed planning, whether designing a kitchen, developing a menu, or designing a restaurant layout.

We spend quality time with clients to ensure that they understand not only how to plan, but can execute and make appropriate changes if things are not working out as planned. Remember, the nature of a plan is to logically think through all tasks to ensure a smooth operation, that is both effective and efficient. Restaurant Consultants has developed a sound and formalized method of planning, that entails recursive methods, thereby treating the entire enterprise wholistically. This produces a streamlined operation that enhances customer satisfaction and ultimately results in increased revenue and profitability.


Planning Services Delivered

Planning and Design - Restaurant Consultants

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Operations Plan Development
  • Inventory Planning
  • Food Costing Management Planning
  • Project Management and Gantt Charts
  • Restaurant Design and Layout
  • Restaurant Equipment Sales and Design
  • Management Design
  • Energy Efficient Low Carbon Design
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Personnel Services